About College

Headquartered in Bengaluru, Karnataka. Since its inception, Sri Vidyalakshmi has been a leader in education from Kindergarten to 10th Std  education space. We’re based in Bengaluru city. Relatively still we’re small and getting better foot-hold in Pre-University education space and striving to give a much needed education to our PU students.

Vision & Mission

:Vision:  To develop human values among students through ‘vidya’ and ‘lakshmi’. :Mission: To promote & support the strategic progress of quality educators and students. :Objectives: Commitment : dedicated to serve the needs of community.

Our Courses

What and why: We offer P.C.M.B | P.C.M.C’s and C.E.B.A I S.E.B.A courses within the Science and Commerce space for our PU students. P.C.M.B: Our teaching staff will do the best to provide the best possible and helpful learning experience just for you.. P.C.M.C’s: Build an awesome career with this course and just get fast…