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Vision & Mission

Our Vision:

Sri Vidyalakshmi International Public School aims to be an Institution of Excellence, dedicated to producing leaders of the future.

To provide the right atmosphere to make the child a strong, successful individual with a kind heart. To ensure academic excellence and all round development by making learning an enjoyable life – long experience for every child. To build the cognitive, motor, creative and social skills of every child who pass through the portals of our
school. Create lifelong learners who believe that “Educating for Success”.

To fulfill the Vision, Sri Vidyalakshmi International Public School provides an environment in which every student discovers and realizes his/her full potential. Achieving International Standards is one of our Goals.

We believe that children must grow up to be lifelong optimists, warmly loving and trusting, confident and self – assurance.

Our Mission:

The mission of the Sri Vidyalakshmi International Public School is to equip children with specified knowledge, skills and values to enable to become good human beings and productive, socially responsible citizens and to achieve excellence in whatever they do. Achieving International Standards in one of our Goals.

It is our dream to build an ideal institution having all the required infrastructure & facilities and to give every student an opportunity to develop his/her potential to the maximum extent with the help of the enrichment programme planned for the various classes, using it brings out a qualitative improvement in the entire curricular and cocurricular atmosphere of the School.

At Sri Vidyalakshmi International Public School it is our mission to provide an atmosphere which supports the academic, social and emotional growth of each student, so that he/she will become a successful individual with a strong sense of community and social responsibility.


Contact Address

Sri Vidyalakshmi International Public School

2nd Main Road, BEL Ist stage, Bharathnagar
Magadi Road, Bangalore-560 091

Phone: 9845987356, 98454 10733


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